Homemade Tortilla Chips

These homemade tortilla chips are amazing! I love making them, I just can’t make enough at one time to satisfy my tummy.

I only use the corn tortillas and honestly, I have not made them with the flour tortillas but I’m sure they would work too.

I used a pizza cutter to cut each tortilla into quarters, and I set them aside. I good sharp knife works too.

Before you start frying, keep a large platter covered with paper towels to drain the tortillas as you pull them from the oil.

In a fry pan or cast iron skillet I heat just enough oil to slightly cover the tortillas as they fry. But, I keep the oil bottle nearby because I keep adding extra oil as needed as I fry each batch.

Make sure the oil is hot enough to immediately start cooking the tortillas as soon as you add them to the oil.

Don’t crowd the fry pan, and turn to cook each side. It only takes a few minutes for each batch. You only want to fry them until they are golden, do not overcook. When you pull them from the oil to drain you need to season them right away.

Here’s where you can get creative. You can just season with salt, I love using sea salt. You can also add other spices, seasonings and/or herbs. I have used cumin, salt & pepper, thyme, chopped rosemary. The possibilities are endless!