Puppy Love, with a Bully

I’m in love.  Puppy Love!  My son adopted a puppy…..at his house *whew. 

But I’ve been busy helping him because he works a lot.  And I want to steal the puppy.  I can’t keep my lips off his cute little wrinkly face.

I have to admit, when we went to look at Dozer, and clearly bring him home, I really wasn’t all that impressed with the breed…English Bulldog, AKA Bullies.  But as I held him and he licked my face, he stole my heart.

Watching my son learn to take care of another living being, has been a challenge as I sometimes feel I’m being very bossy but he seems to welcome the advice since he has never had a dog that he is responsible for by himself.  We have had family dogs, but I did all the training, he did all the playing and enjoying.  He has learned quickly how much is involved with a puppy.  And I am watching as he tries to develop his patience. *insert giggle

Unfortunately we didn’t know that the area where the “breeder” was located was well known for backyard puppy mills.  And surprisingly, 2 particular religious sects that I would have never imaged to “mass produce puppies”, are the biggest culprits.  I had NO IDEA!  The breeder’s house did have 3 outdoor pens with dogs in them so clearly dog breeding was a business for him.  At the time though, I just thought he really loved the breed but as my son was making the purchase and getting the papers, I wandered a little closer to the pens to get a closer look because my curiosity had peaked.  And there were a number of dogs in the pens. 

   Look at those toes!

My son is happy that he rescued one of the puppies.  The vet appointment showed a skin infection, parasites and worms in his stools all due to his living conditions.  We noticed that many of his nails had been broken back to his skin and I was concerned as to why, but the vet seems to think it was his living conditions as well and they will grow back. 

In the last 4 weeks, Dozer has gained 8 pounds!  He is still on meds for the parasites and worms but he is on the road to recovery! 

He’s a very happy and playful pup.  And full of sweet love.  I do on most occasions get bitten on the nose when I grab his face to kiss him!  And when I sit on the floor to play with him I usually get my fingers bit, but then he jumps on me and gives me plenty of puppy kisses!

I haven’t stolen him yet.  But the time is comin’

Niagara Falls, One of the Seven Wonders of the World?

According to our tour guide and the IMAX Theater,  I just saw the 7th wonder of the world~ which hundreds of thousands of millions and gazillions of people already experienced!  But I am still in awe of the beauty and power of the Niagara Falls! So I’m thinking I might need to see the other six!!

The Seven Wonders of the World are……………….ummm which list do you want look at?  There are the 7 Ancient Wonders, the 7 Modern Wonders, the 7 Man-made Wonders, the  7 Natural Wonders, and a few other Wonder Lists!!  And I didn’t see Niagara Falls on any of them!!!  What the heck!!!   Didn’t anyone tell Canada??  Do they even know??

I don’t want to dispute any list, or any country that thinks they are on the list so I’ll just move on…

My girlfriend and I did a bus trip to Ontario, Canada to see the falls.  Traveling by bus is a great way to travel, you can just sit there and be lazy.  You can read, nap, chat away the hours, or watch the world as you pass by.  But, you are also stuck on a bus with a lot of other chatty people.  Luckily though, there were only 14 total on this trip which was perfect!  We got to know each other and had lots of fun!  And an added plus, they napped when we napped and chatted when we chatted and nobody was noisy at all.  Whew!

The good thing about traveling on a bus trip is that your trip is completely planned for you.  We didn’t have to plan anything; we only had to worry about making sure we got up and on the bus at the appropriate time (and remembered to change out of our jammies).

The bad thing about traveling on a bus trip is that your trip is completely planned for you.  We saw some things that we wanted to do but couldn’t, like walk behind the falls; and also saw some things that we would not have chosen to do BUT we did know this when we signed up.  For instance, we saw an IMAX movie of the falls that was really not interesting, I could have googled that info, or the bus line could have bought the DVD and showed it to us on the drive up.


Upon our arrival in Niagara, and the trip thru Canadian Customs with a few rude customs agents, we went to the Skylon Towers for a dinner buffet.  It wasn’t too bad, considering I am not a fan of buffet style meals.  They had an observation deck that I wanted to up to but it wasn’t on our itinerary so after our meal we were back on the bus to our hotel.  The evening was to then be spent on our own.  Naturally I wanted to walk down to the falls.  It was amazing!  Pictures just don’t capture the natural beauty and power of the falls.  We eventually wandered into a restaurant/bar across the street from the falls, and waited for darkness to fall so we could witness the lights on the falls at night.  Gorgeous!

 Unfortunately, I did not have my tripod with me so my night shots didn’t turn out so good.

The next day was breakfast at the hotel and back on the bus for our 3 hour tour!  Yes some of us did sing the little tune to “Gilligan’s Island”.   We had a tour guide that did a great job informing us on the power plants that once occupied the area, we saw a beautiful seminary, and a convent that now sit empty.  I wanted to get off the bus and take pictures because the buildings were beautiful! We went to Table Rock to watch the falls from above. We saw a floral clock that completely bored me to tears. 

And then we went to the “Locks”; a ship had just come in and they were filling up one of the locks but we only had 15 minutes to spend there and we were off again.  We drove past the butterfly conservatory; I would have LOVED going in there too!

  This is at the Whirlpool where 3 rivers meet, I would have loved to take a ride over the whirlpool!!

Next was lunch on our own after which we hopped on “Maid of the Mist” and headed into the mist of the falls, or rain as we later discovered. 

We were all covered in blue plastic disposable raincoats which thankfully kept my clothes and my camera dry, the rest of me was soaked!  What a great adventure to be down in the powerful spray of the falls!

After we dried in the sun for a few minutes we were back on the bus and went to Niagara on the Lake. 

A beautiful quaint little town on Lake Ontario, I had planned on dipping my toes in the lake but we never made it  L .  So, any of you that are planning on going, let me tell you that the town is nice and the shops are unusual boutiques’, most of which cater to a higher end of shopping, had I known I definitely would have declined that visit and chosen the walk behind the falls. 

Three of us almost got stuck in Niagara on the Lake.  We waited and waited….and started to cry….and waited for the shuttle bus to come pick us up to take us back to our bus but it never arrived.  Thankfully a local told us the shuttles stop running at 6pm.  It was then 6:25 and we had to be back at our bus by 6:30.  We cried louder and wanted our Mommies!  It would have been polite for the shuttle driver to tell us the curfew time when he dropped us off.  Would have been nice for OUR bus driver to know that too!  We eventually stopped crying and walked the few blocks out of town to the tour bus location.  We were applauded by everyone else for finally arriving!  I asked them if they were worried about us and they said NO!  Geesh!  Doesn’t anybody love me?

Back on the bus and to the hotel for the night.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret….shhh, you can’t whisper a word to anyone else….we smuggled wine into the country!!!! HA!  So being the rebels that we are, we sat on the balcony of our hotel room and drank our smuggled wine for everyone to see!!  Okay,  just kidding, sort of.  We did bring wine in and my friend declared it.  But how she declared the wine was funny.  The customs agent (who’s personality was equal to a bear with a diaper rash and heartburn) asked her how much wine she is declaring, and my friend used her hands to describe the height of the box and said “about that much”.  Yea yea yea it was box wine!!!  Get over it!  Then she pulled out her metal nail file and proceeded to file her nails!  Umm Janie dear, isn’t that considered a weapon these days!!!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  There was a tightrope walker that walked from the Skylon Tower to one of the hotels.  He just zipped along like it was nothing!

The next morning…….found a Perkins for breakfast (yuck that was bad!) and back on the bus for the IMAX theater.  Again, I knew this was on the itinerary and I was okay it clearly BUT I didn’t realize how lame the movie was going to be.  We learned about the Indian legend to the maid in the mist, heard about some of the daredevils and that was it.  I don’t recommend wasting your time or money on that experience!

Back on the bus for the ride home….and the 1-1/2 hour wait to get thru US customs.  Good to know our country is safe!  They did the mirror under the bus, walked thru our bus and checked out each one of us. Had no wine to declare this time and Janie kept her weapon safely tucked in her purse.   Not sure how I would have explained to her husband that she was arrested for possession of a weapon…..

Adorable friend, fantastic trip and weather, spectacular place to visit and I am so thankful that I was able to go.  But there is no place like home Toto!