Amazing and Easy Cake Mix Cookies

Warm, Gooey cookies are always a favorite in my tummy.  Gifting cookies is a favorite in my heart.

Did you all know you can make cookies from boxed cake mixes? Yea!  For real!  I used to make these fudgy, chocolate cookies when my kids were little. They are still a favorite for me at during the holidays or just making them for the grandkids.

And then spice cookies came to mind.  So I had to make them too. There are a few ways to enjoy these spicey cookies. Other than just a plain spice cookie, you can add cinnamon chips or white chocolate chips to the batter, you could top with a little bit of cream cheese frosting or drizzle cinnamon glaze over them.


But, these lemon cookies came into my life….. Heaven! These little sweeties are perfect for spring. I just added about 1tsp of lemon extract to the batter to enhance the lemon flavor. I have also made a lemon glaze to drizzle over them, that takes the lemon flavor over the top! These lemon cookies are perfect to serve when you are sitting outside and enjoying a gorgeous spring afternoon.

I don’t like using “boxed and food” due to chemicals and processing BUT, occasionally I do indulge in certain things! If I am making cookies for guests and my time is limited, I will make these.

Or, if I want to make cookies and gift them so someone just because I love them, I will make these too.  Especially if my time is limited.

I love being in my kitchen cooking and baking things from scratch but sometimes, I just need some shortcuts to help me out a little.  And these are a great time saver and as an added benefit, they are so very delicious.

And addictive.

The possibilities are absolutely endless! There are so many flavored cake mixes available and you can create your own cookies based on the flavors you love.

The basic recipe is to one box cake mix, add ½ cup vegetable oil and 2 large eggs. That’s it. The creativity is up to you! You can add various flavors of chips (chocolate, white chocolate, etc), extracts and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, etc.

Have fun creating and developing you own favorite cookies and be sure to let me know what you make!