Hi there!  I’m Kim, and welcome to a little corner of my world!

I grew up in a really little town in Pennsylvania with my younger brother and parents.  My family was probably the beginning of the “Latchkey Kids” era but we didn’t even know we were starting a trend!

I love to cook, I have no experience other than cooking for myself and my family.  I am by no means a chef.  The only training I can hook on my belt is what I have learned on my own and continue to learn.  I love finding new recipes but more so I love to create my own recipes.

I also LOVE photography!!  That addiction hit me when I was in elementary school and someone, and I can’t remember who, gave me one of those old fashioned box camera’s.  I was hooked!  Seriously, I was addicted!!!  I would position my dolls in the yard and take hundreds of pictures!  I also managed to snap many photo’s of my cats and dogs too!  You should hear my kids when they see me pull out my camera!  “Oh no she’s got her camera!”  They all grumble about getting their picture taken AGAIN but they love seeing the pictures.  And can I just tell you that I have TONS of photo albums!  Tons!!!

Another new thing I love…writing.  Don’t know why but I do.  I love to write about what has happened in my life and how I found inspiration.  And I love to write children’s picture books.  I was working on a series of children’s picture books, but after both my parents passed away I haven’t been able to really  listen to my muse.  The only thing I have had published so far has been an article on a transition of living in a normal standard house and chucking it all to live on a boat.

So, my family consists of three grown children, and a handful of grandbabies!    I am also very blessed with many friends, they are my support and my rock when I need them.

I hope you enjoy my blog and my recipes!


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