Coming Home From Work….

Gibson: MEOW!  MEOW!  MEOW!  circling my feet trying to trip me “Feed me, feed me, feed me, put my food before me now damn it, feed me!”

 (Gibson is cute but what an attitude!)

Jack: Barking and jumping and wiggly butt “Oh Mom you’re home! I missed you!  Can I have a cookie? I am SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!”


GIBSON:  I set his food dish down and he takes a nibble of his food and glares at me “you and I need to have a little chat about things around here”

Jack: BARK!  He spies the cookie in my hand “Cookie!  What do you want?  Big speak or little speak? My paw? The other paw? A kiss?  Please hurry!  I love those cookies you buy for me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”

Jack jumps on my lap and proceeds to wiggle and lick my face:  “I love you so much, I didn’t think you’d ever get home to me! Can we cuddle for a little?” “You are so beautiful and I love you so much!”

Gibson at my feet: MEOW “where’s MY treat bitch? What gives?, you gave him a damn cookie! MEOW!  What about me? I mean really! I do RULE here!!”  MEOW “Oh, by the way, a scratch on MY head would be a nice, but just for a second, got it?” MEOW

As I wander to my bedroom to change, Jack follows with energetic enthusiasm:  “Mom I am so happy to see you! I was so lonely today without you!  Have I told you how beautiful you are?  I don’t think I tell you that enough!”

Gibson follows too, meandering at a slow pace: MEOW “Listen, I want fresh food, and I want it NOW.  MEOW!  The dish you sat before me is leftover from this morning, even though it is that dry crunchy shit you think I like, I do prefer it FRESH from the container.  MEOW!  NO leftovers for me.” MEOW (said with squinty eyes and sarcasm)

Gibson: MEOW “And another thing, because you left me alone with that annoying little sappy DOG all day, I decided to shit outside my litter box.” MEOW

Jack sitting on my bed watching me with those sad puppy eyes: “I’m really sorry Mom but I did a bad thing today.  I had a “cat cookie” that fell out of the “cat-box cookie jar” today.  I know you don’t like me to do that but I had absolutely NO self control whatsoever.  I swear Gibson puts it on the floor on purpose just to tease me and get me in trouble.  I am truly sorry Mom, I will try not to do it again. How about another kiss?”

I pick up Jack from the bed and walk out of the bedroom, Gibson dashes to walk in front of me:  walking a slow KISS MY ASS pace.

Gibson wanders over to his dish, gives me a glaring side glance that would make a mouse fall over dead,  and begins to eat. After two bites he finds his hiding place naps.

Jack, he’s HAPPILY ready for anything I want to do tonight!

Riding Horses on the Battlefield in Gettysburg, PA

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything!  Yes Debbie, I’m posting now!  And it’s about my experience touring the Battlefield at Gettysburg by horseback.

I haven’t been on a horse in probably 20 years, and that was a short ride in Mexico.  That is the extent of my horse riding.  As a little girl, like most little girls, I dreamed of owning horses.  I read any novel that pertained to horses.   In my youth, I used to walk or ride my bike to a nearby horse farm every weekend to feed them apples or just pet them!  I’d walk thru the stables and pretend they were mine.  Seriously, I begged my parents for a horse!  By the time I was a teenager, I could draw them too.  

So off to Gettysburg I go with two girlfriends.  One of which has experience with horses and has told me repeatedly I will be sore….yea yea yea I know, so I tuck some pain relievers in my purse.

We arrived early and had the pleasure of talking to the owner about her horses.  She has had horses since she was 8 years and has been doing tours for the past 30 years.  I am in awe!!!

She very cleverly matched all of us up with a horse.  Mine was a spirited little thing called “Pebbles” that the owner deemed a “Princess”.  What struck me as funny was there was a time in school where my friends called me Pebbles.  Pebbles also like to eat any grass vines or anything green that she got close too.  It was a chore to keep her on the trail!  Every time I went to snap a picture, she knew it, and wandered to the side of the trail.  I fell in love with her instantly!

I had to laugh at myself when the owner told me to bring Pebbles to stand beside her.  I said yea okay and how do I manage that!  I learned quickly but I still didn’t have the hang of it! 

The tour was fabulous, how many times have I stood somewhere along the roads around the battlefield and gazed out and imagined what the war would have been like.  Now here I was, on  a horse on the battlefield.

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable.  During one of her detailed events of the war, she began to tell us at approximately 1pm the cannon fire started; in the distance, reenactors were demonstrating cannon fire and at that exact moment the sound of a cannon echoed across the battlefield.  Got the horses attention too!

At our first stop for a history lesson, my knees and  legs were killing me.  Like really really get me off this thing killing me.  I silently signaled for the owner to come over, she adjusted the stirrups and I secretly thanked God for reminding me to take a pain reliever before we started the ride. 

By the time we got to the third stop for a history lesson, I was dying right there on that horse.  My backside hurt and my knees were screaming at me, all I wanted to do was get off the horse and stretch but I knew there would be no way for me to get back on without the step stool that the owner so kindly left us use when we started.  As bad as that sounds, I really LOVED being on Pebbles, it was so much fun!

So we make it back to the campground and I told the owner she would most likely need a very large shoehorn to pry my ass off the saddle because I was positive I was not going to able to swing my leg around!!!  But I did, with her instructions and me being oh so very careful.  A man near me asked for the shoehorn to be passed to him as well.  My lovely girlfriends managed to just hop on down all by themselves but the look on Ellen’s face pretty much summed up what I was already feeling, pain!   I didn’t realize I had butt-bones until then!!!!

So, did I enjoy myself and would I do it again??? You better believe I will!!!  I can’t wait!  But first there are some other things to do, like white water rafting 🙂