Things I Miss in my Life

I miss my…

Mom’s warm smile and loving personality

Dad’s mischievous nature and infectious laugh

Kids as babies

Brother, and everything about him

Nephew and his awesome hugs


I miss…

Living less than 10 minutes from the beach

The house I grew up in

Tucking my kids in bed at night and reading to them

Being tucked in by my Mom and Dad

Being able to eat anything and everything and NOT having to worry about fat, calories, cholesterol and weight gain


I miss my…

Grandfathers garage full of paint cans

Mammaw’s swing

Mom hamburg bar-b-q

Mom’s family speaking Pennsylvania Dutch


Grandmothers country farm cooking


I miss…

The book swap libraries at the marina’s I used to visit

Sleepovers at my both of my Grandmothers homes

Watching the sunset from the bow of a boat

Holding my Grandmothers hand

Rascal, my husky


I miss…

My Dad calming me down after I skinned my knee (but I don’t miss him ripping the band aid off)

Picking on my brother, in our adult years (it got wicked at times)

Having a garden and a patio

Having a tea party with my Dad

Having a back yard picnic with Mammaw



My dolls

Playing a ridiculous card game called “Donkey” with my parents and aunt and uncle (laughed until I cried)

Going to the beach every summer with my family when I was a kid

 The innocence of my childhood and not having a care in the world


Dad’s Night

When I was a little girl, a very long time ago, well…not that long ago, really.  My Mom had her night out mid-week, every week.  Mom’s night out was going to the “hair dresser”.   We never knew what “color” my Mom was going to be when she arrived home and walked through the door.  It was always the “bee-hive” style, but the color, we just didn’t know what to expect.  There was Frosted, Orange-and I DO mean ORANGE, Black, Brown; any color imaginable in that decade, she tried.  I will never forget the teasing she took from my Dad too.  Which of course he usually got us kids involved, Dad was just pure evil with his teasing.

(Dad and Mom)

Anyway, on those nights Dad was the homemaker.  He helped us with homework, gave baths, played dolls and tea party with me, and he cooked.  Now, Dad was not much of a cook but he did make us things we liked such as tomato soup and grilled cheese.  Once, I remember the soup tasting like it was burned.  He of course, denied anything wrong and made us eat it.  And guess what?  I was in the kitchen helping with the dishes when he emptied the pot.  It was indeed, burned on the bottom.  Then there was breakfast for supper, pancakes.  Still love to do that!!  Spaghetti with hamburger meat sauce was another favorite and regular Dad-night Menu.  But my all time favorite was fried potatoes and eggs!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  I know it sounds crazy, especially to love it that much but I did and still do!!!!

Back then Dad would slice up the potatoes and fry them to a slight crispiness but still tender.  He was the fried potato king!!!   Then he would pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and scramble them all together in an unbelievable yummy goodness!  I make them a little healthier and with a lot less oil than my Dad used, I simply use a half of a left over baked potato, sliced with a little olive oil to make them a little crispy and mostly egg whites.  I love using either dill, or my favorite “Herbes de Provence” .

So, for this past month of February, we hit the four year mark of my Dad’s passing, I have been thinking of him most of my waking hours, remembering all the memories.  On one hand it seems like yesterday that he passed; the pain of losing him and not being able to say goodbye still rips at my heart.  But on the other hand it feels like forever since I heard his voice, his laughter, heard a smartass joke or felt one of his hugs.  Some days I think I need to pick up the phone and say as I always did “hey old man…”

(Dad with my grandsons Hayden and Camron)

For now, until I get to see him again, I will just have to make do with the memories.  And cherish those memorable nights with Dad.

Cheers Dad, miss you