Fibromyaglia, a Life Changing Event

Instead of posting a recipe today, I thought I’d vent a little about a health issue.  About a year ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I didn’t handle it very well.  In fact, you would have thought someone handed me a death sentence.  I cried for a few months.  This just isn’t me!

I’ve always been very active with aerobic or zumba classes, had a home gym or belonged to a gym.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was by far NOT a muscular person but I enjoyed working out and tried my best to stay healthy.

But then my life changed, I became divorced for the second time and although that was my choice it did not come easy for me, 5 months after the separation my Mom passed away and then 6 months later my Dad passed away.  It was a terrible time in my life.  Both of the deaths set the scene for some family drama, which we never had before so that was an adjustment.  I had my parent’s house and estate to deal with, not to mention that I had just bought a small condo and had just began to remodel.

So, when the exhaustion set in, I blamed it on stress and depression.  When the sadness took over, and I gained weight, I blamed it on stress and depression.

But then I discovered that I could no longer lift the weights at the gym.  I couldn’t walk the distance or do the speed on the treadmill.  I blamed it on being out of shape, cancelled my membership, bought my own treadmill and decided to work at a slower pace at home.

By then I had pain.   So I thought my mild arthritis had increased and that I now had it in other areas.  Went to my doctor, he ordered Xrays and to my surprise there was NO change!!!

Then I started crying at the most simplest of things.  Ahhh I thought, Menopause!!!  Called my gyno doc, blood work was ordered; everything was normal.

I also blamed it all on being Hypoglycemic.  I figured that my blood sugar is just too low, so I nibbled snacks.

By now I have more pain, everywhere.  I tried to get myself back in shape by just walking and eating healthier and trying to get more sleep.  I also brought yoga and meditation back to my life.  The pain just increased and everything hurt.  By the end of summer I was seriously concerned about the changes in my body and went back to my doctor.  He was incredible.  As he listened to my story of the months since I had seen him when he ordered the Xrays, he just calmly looked at me and said he thought I may have Fibromyalgia.  I thought I had cancer and it had just spread throughout my body.  He immediately sent to a Rheumatologist.

It took her a matter of minutes to agree with my doc but she ordered a panel of blood work to rule out anything else.  I went back for the results and everything was fine except my vitamin D was way too low.  Which I had suspected since I am in an office all day.  Then she sent me for physical therapy.  WOW was that a smack in the face.  I knew I had gotten weaker but I didn’t realize just how bad it had gotten!!

Sadly, I have not kept up with the exercises at home.  It is a constant struggle for me just to get thru the work day, much less getting up in the morning.  By the time I get home in the evening I am completely exhausted.  I can barely walk the dog.  And as much as I love to cook, weekends seem to be my time for kitchen fun.  I just have no energy in the evening, and I usually hurt, which is exhausting in itself.  But I have to say, yoga is the best thing for me right now.  I love the stretches, it feels good for my body.

I don’t like taking pain meds, I don’t like having to use pain patches, I don’t like hurting and being completely exhausted.

So, I am trying something totally different, Medical Qigong.  I’ve only had one visit so far, she has me eating fresh pineapple every day, it is supposed to help with the pain however, I have not noticed a difference yet.  So I’ll give this practice a go, then I am trying acupuncture and I absolutely HATE NEEDLES!!

That all said, I am not giving up on some of my activities.  I have a goal of whitewater rafting (is there such a thing as a bunny slope on the rapids??), kayaking, horseback riding, zipline (I know, I’m nuts!), and a few of my friends ran the Color Run in Baltimore this year so I am making it my goal to try to walk it next year, hopefully.  Walking outside for 20 minutes about kills me and 10 minutes on the treadmill makes my knees feel like they are exploding.

Thanks for listening.  Now I’m going to make some of these yummy cookies for a friend at work, the recipe/blog post is here.

Have a great weekend!