Why I Make My Bed

Two of my sweet little grandkids spent the night the other weekend.  As I was making my bed the 10 year old asked why I make my bed?  I answered him with a simple “I like things nice and neat.”

But then I started thinking, why do I really make my bed?  Why am I so anal about being neat and clean?  Why are my cabinets and drawers organized?

  1. A made bed seems to be more inviting than a tangled mess of blankets.  When it’s time for me to crawl between the sheets, it feels good to snuggle in and get all comfy instead of trying to kick the blankets into place to stay warm.  When I walk into my bedroom, and see that it’s all picked up and the bed is made, it just looks good.  And really, the entire reason we purchase our bedding is because we loved the way the freshly made bed looked on the package or in the catalog right?  My bedroom might not look like it belongs in Better Homes and Garden but it is quite pretty and comfortable.
  2. I love coming home from work and having my home neat and tidy.  I’m usually quite tired and it just makes me feel better if things are in place.  I try to put things away as I’m finished with them.  It only takes a minute here and there to put things away, but it takes much longer to try to tidy up an entire house!
  3. I’m not embarrassed to have someone “pop” in expectantly.  I might have a project that I’m working on, or laundry that I’m folding but it’s not messy and embarrassing and I’m not making excuses for being a slob!!
  4. I can find things.  I know where they are, so if there is something I need or want, I can usually find it right away.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have super busy weeks where I have been known to run in and out of my house faster than lightening itself.   I hate it, and I am really trying to avoid those situations at all costs.  Life is so much happier and lovable if you take your time and enjoy the ride.
  5. I feel more creative.  My creative and artistic juices seem to flow better.  If my home isn’t a messy cluttered space, then my mind isn’t cluttered either.
  6. I’m much more comfortable and at peace if my belongings are not strewn throughout my house.  You would be surprised how this really works!  Seriously, try it!

So there you have it, there are a ton of organization idea’s and plan on Pinterest.  Find what works for you and do it.  But don’t spend a lot of money on expensive totes and baskets.  Buy what you need and make do with what you have.  And most important, de-clutter!  Get rid of the stuff you don’t use or even like.  Keep things if they are sentimental but either display them simply or carefully wrap them up and store them.

I love those small plastic organizing tubs that you can find at Target or Wal Mart; my bathroom and kitchen drawers look great, I love those things!  But I also have my batteries stored in a plastic dog food container.

My clothes are organized by color; sounds crazy but when I’m choosing my outfit for the next day, it’s really kinda cool to not have to rummage through my entire closet looking for that one purple sweater I want to wear!!

My jewelry is organized in trays, as are my socks.  My undies are a different story tho….

I even have a binder with all of my important information so when that day comes and I need my passport, credit card info, etc, it’s in one place.  And, when it’s my time to meet my Lord all of my necessary documents are in one place for my kids.

So, why do I make my bed?  And why am I a neat freak?  It’s comfortable, looks great, I’m more creative and relaxed, and happier!

Have a great night and make your bed tomorrow morning!!