Canvas Photo Art

Have you ever seen those beautiful canvas photographs?  I had some amazing close up shots of my dog and cat that I wanted do have done that way but WOW is it expensive.  So I decided to give it a try and make my own canvas art.


I used the following materials:

8×10 canvas

8×10 picture

Acrylic craft paint, flat black

Mod Podge

Foam brush

Picture hanger

First I determined what size canvas would be available to the size of the photo that I wanted.  Then I ordered the photo’s ( I order all my pictures on-line and have them delivered to my house!).  While I was waiting for the photo’s to be delivered, I worked on the canvas.  I purchased the extra deep canvas and painted the sides with the black paint.

DSC_0029This is Jack.

Then when the photo’s arrived, they needed to be trimmed ever so slightly to fit on the canvas.  You can figure this out by laying the photo on the canvas and either determine by eyeballing the excess OR using a ruler and measuring precisely.  I don’t recommend laying the canvas on the picture and cutting it by using the canvas as your guide, you can ruin and scratch the canvas.

I used a ruler and an X-acto knife to get a straight and even cut on the photo, and I made the cut on the back side of the picture.  Make sure you lay the photo on a surface that you can use the knife on.

I used a foam brush to smooth on the Mod Podge on the top of the canvas, I tried not to let it go over the  edge of the canvas.  And I made sure I had enough glue to adhere the photo but not so much that it would damage the picture or  leak out of the sides.  Then I placed the photo on the canvas and slid it into place while the glue was still wet.  I used a piece of thin clean cardboard to lay over the picture so that I could smooth it over (and not get finger prints on the picture) and to make sure it was pressed firmly on the canvas without damaging the picture. However, I would ask that you remove the cardboard while the glue dries,  you won’t want the cardboard to dry to the picture!!   And again, I didn’t press down on the cardboard, I really just wanted to make sure there were no bubbles.  If any glue does come out from under the picture, wipe it away as soon as you can, before it dries.

DSC_0027  This is Gibson.

Then I just left it dry for a day.  After it was dry I attached a hook on the back to hang it on the wall.

And that’s it!!!

This is Charlie, my daughters kitty.  I surprised her with the canvas.

img_8076 (2)


Puppy Love, with a Bully

I’m in love.  Puppy Love!  My son adopted a puppy… his house *whew. 

But I’ve been busy helping him because he works a lot.  And I want to steal the puppy.  I can’t keep my lips off his cute little wrinkly face.

I have to admit, when we went to look at Dozer, and clearly bring him home, I really wasn’t all that impressed with the breed…English Bulldog, AKA Bullies.  But as I held him and he licked my face, he stole my heart.

Watching my son learn to take care of another living being, has been a challenge as I sometimes feel I’m being very bossy but he seems to welcome the advice since he has never had a dog that he is responsible for by himself.  We have had family dogs, but I did all the training, he did all the playing and enjoying.  He has learned quickly how much is involved with a puppy.  And I am watching as he tries to develop his patience. *insert giggle

Unfortunately we didn’t know that the area where the “breeder” was located was well known for backyard puppy mills.  And surprisingly, 2 particular religious sects that I would have never imaged to “mass produce puppies”, are the biggest culprits.  I had NO IDEA!  The breeder’s house did have 3 outdoor pens with dogs in them so clearly dog breeding was a business for him.  At the time though, I just thought he really loved the breed but as my son was making the purchase and getting the papers, I wandered a little closer to the pens to get a closer look because my curiosity had peaked.  And there were a number of dogs in the pens. 

   Look at those toes!

My son is happy that he rescued one of the puppies.  The vet appointment showed a skin infection, parasites and worms in his stools all due to his living conditions.  We noticed that many of his nails had been broken back to his skin and I was concerned as to why, but the vet seems to think it was his living conditions as well and they will grow back. 

In the last 4 weeks, Dozer has gained 8 pounds!  He is still on meds for the parasites and worms but he is on the road to recovery! 

He’s a very happy and playful pup.  And full of sweet love.  I do on most occasions get bitten on the nose when I grab his face to kiss him!  And when I sit on the floor to play with him I usually get my fingers bit, but then he jumps on me and gives me plenty of puppy kisses!

I haven’t stolen him yet.  But the time is comin’

Coming Home From Work….

Gibson: MEOW!  MEOW!  MEOW!  circling my feet trying to trip me “Feed me, feed me, feed me, put my food before me now damn it, feed me!”

 (Gibson is cute but what an attitude!)

Jack: Barking and jumping and wiggly butt “Oh Mom you’re home! I missed you!  Can I have a cookie? I am SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!”


GIBSON:  I set his food dish down and he takes a nibble of his food and glares at me “you and I need to have a little chat about things around here”

Jack: BARK!  He spies the cookie in my hand “Cookie!  What do you want?  Big speak or little speak? My paw? The other paw? A kiss?  Please hurry!  I love those cookies you buy for me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”

Jack jumps on my lap and proceeds to wiggle and lick my face:  “I love you so much, I didn’t think you’d ever get home to me! Can we cuddle for a little?” “You are so beautiful and I love you so much!”

Gibson at my feet: MEOW “where’s MY treat bitch? What gives?, you gave him a damn cookie! MEOW!  What about me? I mean really! I do RULE here!!”  MEOW “Oh, by the way, a scratch on MY head would be a nice, but just for a second, got it?” MEOW

As I wander to my bedroom to change, Jack follows with energetic enthusiasm:  “Mom I am so happy to see you! I was so lonely today without you!  Have I told you how beautiful you are?  I don’t think I tell you that enough!”

Gibson follows too, meandering at a slow pace: MEOW “Listen, I want fresh food, and I want it NOW.  MEOW!  The dish you sat before me is leftover from this morning, even though it is that dry crunchy shit you think I like, I do prefer it FRESH from the container.  MEOW!  NO leftovers for me.” MEOW (said with squinty eyes and sarcasm)

Gibson: MEOW “And another thing, because you left me alone with that annoying little sappy DOG all day, I decided to shit outside my litter box.” MEOW

Jack sitting on my bed watching me with those sad puppy eyes: “I’m really sorry Mom but I did a bad thing today.  I had a “cat cookie” that fell out of the “cat-box cookie jar” today.  I know you don’t like me to do that but I had absolutely NO self control whatsoever.  I swear Gibson puts it on the floor on purpose just to tease me and get me in trouble.  I am truly sorry Mom, I will try not to do it again. How about another kiss?”

I pick up Jack from the bed and walk out of the bedroom, Gibson dashes to walk in front of me:  walking a slow KISS MY ASS pace.

Gibson wanders over to his dish, gives me a glaring side glance that would make a mouse fall over dead,  and begins to eat. After two bites he finds his hiding place naps.

Jack, he’s HAPPILY ready for anything I want to do tonight!

Did you ever try to trim a cat?

After several suggestions from several friends that I should write about my experience the other night, I decided they are right, I should share this story.  Maybe save a life.  One of my very loved friends said that if I should attempt this little episode in my life again, she wants to video it.  She is sure she’ll win the top prize on that show about the funniest home video’s.  And she’s right, she would win.

I have this adorable cat that loves me so much.  His name is Gibson.  And Gibbers.  Or BooBoo.  I love him too, most of the time.  When he insists that he sleep ON me, all 20 pounds of him, I don’t like him very much.  Or when I leave a very clean and very black sweater on my bed and come home to find he slept on it all day, I don’t like him then either.  The shedding is the worst for me.  I can almost tolerate the teeny little pieces of litter that are scattered around my house, but the cat hair, hell no!!!  I hate it.  Cannot stand it!!

So I started taking him to the groomers.  At first I was a bit concerned that he would go into crazy cat mood as soon as the trimmers were turned on.  He did not.  In fact he turned into a cat that I didn’t know.  He sat on the groomers table, like a good boy.  I scruffed his neck but I probably didn’t really need to.  He left me stand him up on his hind legs so his belly could get buzzed, he was not fond of that but he did not put up a fight.  He wasn’t too fond of his tail being buzzed either, or his butt, but the deed was done without incident. 

After the second trip to the wonderful talented groomer, she decided it would be bath time on his next visit!  I pretty much told her she was nuts and that this absolutely would not be tolerated by him.  Gibson proved me wrong again.  Understand, he was not happy about it, but he did not fight it.  He meowed at the top of his lungs.  He looked at me with the most pathetic eyes I have ever seen.  But he stood in the tub and was shampoo’d.  I was amazed.  And I was disappointed that I didn’t have my camera.

So after three times to the vet, I decided I was tired of dishing out $60 a visit for this cat that manages to bother me but also has a soft spot in my heart.  I get the bright idea that I can do this myself.  How difficult can it be right?  Off to WalMart I go, I buy a cheap trimmer and head home for the experience of my life.  Seriously.

After I unpacked the trimmer, I found the smallest guard and put it on the trimmer.  Sat on the floor, plugged it in and turned on.  Gibs couldn’t wait to come check it out .   He wasn’t afraid of it at all.  I made a few swipes down his back and he was in heaven.  He stood still, I didn’t have to hold him, he stretched against the trimmer with every swipe down his back.  By now I’m thinking this is a freakin piece of cake!!!  Except the guard was still too long, I really wasn’t getting too much hair.  So I took the guard off.  Made one swipe down his back and Gibson stretched into the trimmer again and I made a bald spot.  Shit!  I’ll be more careful.  Umm…I did it again. 

Now he starts batting the guard across the kitchen floor and he’s chasing it.  I eventually get him back make few more swipes and a few more bald spots.  He runs again.  By the time I bring him back the third time, he’s starting to show a slight sign of  low patience with me, and a temper.  He runs again.  I gave him a little break before scooping him up again.   This is when all hell broke loose.  I stood him up so I could get his belly.  Stupid on my part apparently, he was pissed.  Started growling at me.  Tried to run. But I had a grip on him.  Which he didn’t like as he demonstrated by biting me.  So I kinda held him closer to me, thinking I could calm him and I started making short fast swipes to get as much as I could.  I never saw such a temper!  He bites me again.  I switch sides, this time using my left hand.  Which was completely hilarious on my part, I couldn’t manuever the damn trimmer to save my life.  Literally to save my life, because Gibson had enough, he was DONE.  It was an all out fight!  He dug his claws in my legs.  The meowing was hideous.  Okay, now I’m done.

I’m covered in cat hair, remarkably I have no blood from the bites, and only a few claw marks.  Funny thing is, tonight when I picked him up, well, he’s still pissed.  Although he did snuggle up to me last night while I was sleeping.  I felt so bad for him that I didn’t make him move, I just rubbed his pissy little head.

So, my lesson learned was, I am not a cat groomer.  Never will be a cat groomer.  And should never ever entertain the thought of changing careers and becoming a cat groomer.  My cat looks like he has the mange. 

Trip to the groomer=$60, Trip to WalMart to buy human trimmers=$10, Thinking I can groom the cat=PRICELESS


A Doggie Snuggie and Cookie Dough

Digging out the blue doggie snuggie is a pretty good indication that it’s beyond cold outside.  We haven’t been out of freezing temps for weeks!  Firing up the oven is another sign its cold, nothing like a hot oven and warm, gooey, fresh cookies with a glass of milk on a chilly December night.  All I need to complete this picture is a roaring fireplace! But I’d settle for a cheap electric one from Lowe’s!

Jack doesn’t like a bath to begin with, let alone the shivering afterwards.  All I have to do is say the word BATH and the little guy hides under furniture.  During the cold winter months when Jack needs a bath, I like to wrap him in his snuggie after his bath.  And that he likes (and his doggie cookie treat too!).

But for now, he won’t even look at me, he’s still a little upset with me about being tossed in the shower.

But then I say the magic word “cookie” and I have his full attention!

Then he rests.  Quietly. Probably seeking his revenge for bathing him and wrapping him in blue fleece.  He may be thinking the blue snuggie might not be a very manly dog thing.

And then there’s the cookie dough!  Who doesn’t like cookies right from the oven?  I make the dough…

Then I divide the dough in half, place the dough on plastic wrap and form into a log and wrap!  After the dough has chilled and you are ready to bake, all you need to do is slice and bake.  The other log you can freeze for a few weeks.

I hope everyone is enjoying their own “warm” traditions on these chilly December nights!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A Blocks’ Worth of Potty Breaks

Took Jack for a walk on this spectacular autumn day.  He pee’d for a block.  On everything.  I didn’t think he could hold that much urine in his bladder.  Guess he proved me wrong. 

He pee’d on 10 telephone poles

He pee’d on 8 sign posts.

A couple of concrete walls

He pee’d on 4 hosta plants.  This one was a long shot.  But it helped enhance his manhood.

By now, I’m feeling kinda lonely.  I know, stupid.  But he doesn’t even acknowledge me.   I completely don’t exist to him right now.  All I want is a little of his attention.  I call his name and he totally ignores me.

He walks crooked too, I don’t think he likes the hook of the leash laying on his back, so he walks crooked.  It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him do!  Is there an app for that??

He pee’d on 3 plots of grass.  He poo’d too but I didn’t take a picture of that.  I figured that was something you didn’t want to see, I know I didn’t.  But I’m his personal pooper scooper.  So I have to…

He also pee’d on ivy plants that were smothered in fallen leaves.

He pee’d on an iron fence post.

And he pee’d on 1 barrel flower-pot.

The End

Gibson Goes To The Vet

Gibson is my 20 pound cat.  Gibson being 7 pounds bigger than my bichon-poodle, Jack.  And Gibson has the life we all dream of, lazy, fat and sassy, and rules the house.  Seriously, he rules. He will walk up to Jack for no reason and smack him.  Gibson will make Jack move away from the water bowl just so HE can get his drink.   He starts meowing as soon as he hears my alarm during the work week.  However, he also has his own internal alarm which matches the time on my alarm clock, so on the weekends when I want to be lazy, fat and sassy and sleep in, he starts his meow fest.  After ignoring him for a short time only, he begins to pounce on me.  Maybe pounce is not the right word.  I think “ambush” out of the ceiling is more accurate.  I swear he just attacks from the ceiling above. 

This morning was no different.  Although, as I made my way to the kitchen to feed him and make my coffee, I was plotting my revenge.  He had a vet appointment today.  *insert evil chuckle

By now you can probably figure out I have a love/hate relationship with this cat.  He is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful pet, really, I do love him.  But he sheds to the point where I think a new kitten could appear from all the cat hair.  Brushing doesn’t help, I think it makes it worse!  Which is the part I hate.  I finally was able to break him of the habit of sleeping with me.  I felt and still do feel guilty by not letting him snuggle in bed with Jack and me but the fur on the bed was disgusting!!!!

So, today, the vet appointment went something like this:

1.  Gibson gets wrapped in a towel for the ride to the vet.  Wrapped in a towel typically keeps him calm.  I cannot put him in a crate, he totally freaks out and pee’s all over the place.  Just not worth the fight nor the urine.

2.  As we wait for the elevator in my building, he begins the very low growl.  Great, I think, its starting already. 

3.  I get him to the car, put him on the passenger seat and pray for a peaceful ride to the vet which is only about 8 minutes away.

4.  He starts the meow fest, then attempts to sneak over on my lap.  So I kept my hand on him to reassure him.  He absolutely melted my heart when he laid his little chin on my hand.  Poor guy.

5.  We arrive at the vet, I get him out of the car with no problem or events, get him into the vet and in the exam room.  Wonderful I’m thinking, so far so good. 

6.  The vet literally flew into the room which made both Gibson and I jump out of our skin!  She begins the exam.  Then I see the rectal thermometer.  UH-OH.  I’m thinking I need to get the towel and wrap him up but she had that thing plunged in him before I could react!!!  Gibs never saw it coming!!!  He flipped his tail a few times and the invading experience was done.

7.  Whew!

8.  Then comes the needle.  The vet is quick.  She says she needs to give the shot in the hip.  Great.  No towel wrap again.  He didn’t see that coming either and it was over before I knew it.

9.  Huge sigh of relief.

10.  We discuss the lion cut he will be getting and the blood work up that is needed.  And thru the entire conversation Gibson laid quietly on the exam table.  Little did I know HE was now plotting his revenge against me….. *insert evil meow

11.  I pay the bill and get the estimate for the cut.  $164, to buzz a freakin cat!!!  Are you kidding me! 

12.  I’ll buy the damn trimmers, pin him to the floor and buzz him myself thank you very much.

13.  I get him to the car.  And this is where his revenge begins.  The minute, no, that would be the second I placed him on the passenger seat and removed my hand he bolts right out of the car!!!!

14.  Lucky for me he’s fat because when I reached out for him, I grabbed a handful of that fat and he didn’t get far!  He was just under the car door so it was a stretch but I managed to drag him back my way.  I wrapped him again, snuggly, and shut the door.

15.  Cat fur all over my car now. Damn.

16.  Cat fur in my eyes.  Double damn.

17.  Meow fest begins.

18.  Gibson wiggles out of the towel and sits on my lap the rest of the way home.  Fine, whatever.

19.  I pull into my parking lot, grab the cat and sit him on the passenger seat again. 

20.  The minute, I mean second, the door opens he bolts.  Wasn’t expecting that again.

21.  I’m thinking how wonderful is this.  I just spend the morning and 60 buck at the vet for a cat that just ran away and is gonna get hit by a car.  Lucky for me he ran straight for the door to our building. 

22.  But by then I was in a panic and just ran after him.  I scoop him up and go back for that damn towel.  Start to wrap him up and the fight begins.

23.  The fat cat bolted again.  I am seriously PO’d now……

24.  Once again I grabbed a handful of fat and drug him back to me again, but he put up a good fight.  I managed to get him wrapped snuggly, tucked the 20 pounds of angry cat under my arm like a football, grabbed my bag and locked the car.  I can feel his tail slapping my ass.  I wanted to slap his too.

25.  The bastard has been napping all day.



One simple word and Jack is at my door, barking to outside and play~BUNNIES!!

However, there is a conspiracy going on at my condo.  The bunnies love to sit patiently waiting for my little Jack to come outside.  They snuggle in the grass, hiding, waiting to be noticed.  Then the chase begins.  Even though Jack is in pursuit of the bunnies, I think the game of chase belongs to the bunnies!   They know he’ll give up, he’ll stand there looking all hurt and crushed that they ran away from him.  Then the laughter begins….bunny laughter.  It’s a hideous sound and Jack has nightmares on occasion.

Okay, not really.  But it does bother him that the bunnies won’t stop and play for a bit.