My recipes are easy, simple with no fuss or fancy ingredients.

My love for cooking started at a very early age~wanting to prepare meals for my parents.  As soon as I was old enough I was expected to help with all the meals, whether it was slicing potatoes, boiling water for pasta or simply just setting the table.  Wasn’t long before I wanted to prepare an entire meal myself.  There was a Christmas that my parents gave me my first cookbook.  It was a Betty Crocker cookbook for kids.  I fell in love!

But I have to let you in on a little secret… I grew up being called a “picky eater”! And I still am; I’ve gotten a little better but not by much.  My recipes won’t have ingredients like mushrooms or olives, but you can still throw them in my recipes.  And let’s not forget things that are green.  I cannot eat peas, lima beans, Brussel sprouts. (sort of gagging here) I’m kinda funny about beans too, but I can manage some.

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PS:  I post some of my recipes on Tasty Kitchen, but you have to be a member to check out my profile and my recipe box.  go to, click member and type in Kartwheels in the Kitchen.  This is a great recipe site for ANY recipe you are looking for, have fun!!

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