Broccoli and Cheese Topped Chicken

I have been on a broccoli kick lately.   I usually just prefer it steamed or stirred fried and never do I like broccoli and cheese…. EVER! Until now.

It’s delicious over a perfectly cooked chicken breast and topped with shredded cheese.

It’s comes together rather quickly, cooking the chicken takes the longest amount of time so this dish is great for those times that you want something healthy and filling but yet not wanting to spend much time in the kitchen.

I am also sure this would be perfect for summer grilling!

I added some oil to my cast iron skillet over medium heat. I seasoned the boneless, skinless chicken breast with Cajun seasoning and cooked the chicken on each side.

Meanwhile I steamed some small broccoli florets, seasoned with salt and pepper.

When the chicken was cooked, I topped it with the broccoli and then shredded cheese, popped that into the oven, 375 degrees, until the cheese melted.

You could also bake the chicken in the oven, then pull it out to put the broccoli and cheese and pop it back in the over to melt the cheese.

This was such an easy meal to make and will be a perfect meal for those busy summer days when I want something fast for a meal.


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