Spring Fever

I usually love the winter months, I usually love forecasts of snow and hope to be snowed in for a few days, and basically, I just love snuggling in and being quiet for the colder months.

But this year, even though I love the snuggling in for a few months, I am DONE with the cold weather!! I am longing for warmer temps, sunshine and to be in my yard planting flowers and herbs!

We’ve had a few nice days and my windows were open for a little but here in PA we still cannot plant tender flowers. Waiting is so challenging! But I did grab some herbs and pansies at my favorite local garden store!!

Since it is still just a little chilly to be planting and playing in the dirt, I have begun my garden plans. I want to fill in the empty area’s in my flower garden beds, I can never ever have too many flowers and plants! But this year I must have raised vegetable gardens! And I am thinking I want to use cedar wood.

Decades ago I tried growing vegetables, I had no success whatsoever!! My carrots looked like pencils!! I did manage some pretty awesome tomatoes but that was the only thing I could grow. Frustrating!

But even more frustrating is that the last few years I have tried tomatoes again and I have had no luck at all. UGH

When I was a stay at home mom and my kids were small, I did a lot of “canning”, so that is another project that I plan to do this year. Hopefully my garden will be plentiful! If not, there are many farmers stands in the vicinity that I can shop for local produce.

So, until I can get outside and start playing in the dirt (and find someone to build my raised cedar gardens), I will just continue to snuggle on my sofa and make plans.

Enjoy your spring!

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