My Private Oasis

Remember how I mentioned in an earlier post how cheap I am?  Well, having a privacy fence installed is not so cheap.

I hated writing that check!  Hated it!  But I love my private yard!!!  And I am hoping that a privacy fence has not only made my home more appealing and beautiful, but has increased the value.  Maybe that’s just wishful thinking with this economy.

My yard is flat, sort of, well maybe in a few certain spots, so they had to ‘step down’ the sides and there is one spot where my pup can and has gotten out.  That will soon be fixed.

My back yard is now a blank canvas just waiting for me to splash it with colorful plants and flowers!!!  Unfortunately with my shoulder issues right now I won’t be the one to be digging up the grass and planting the shrubs.  Maybe that’s a good thing??

I have been scouring the internet researching the flowering shrubs and plants that I love, trying to figure out what I can plant where with sun and shade. I would imagine that it’s going to take quite a bit of time to get this finished but I plan to get at least 2 lilac’s planted this fall, along with a forsythia or two!!

I plan to put a shed down in the corner (that’s the box in the middle of the yard, it’s a plastic shed!).  I’m trying to find something to provide a little bit of shade because I get FULL sun all day in the back yard.  I’d like a raised garden next spring too and maybe some sort of a water feature back by the patio.

Thankfully a lot of my friends have offered to divide up some of there plants and share with me!  I think those plants will be my favorite and most treasured!

What do you have in your yard that is your favorite and why?

Live Well friends!

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