My Blogging Has Taken a Backseat to Life

To those that have taken the time to follow my blog, I want to apologize for not posting much lately.  The move into a gorgeous home that I love has taken up so much of my time.  I’m trying to get some yard work and outside work around the house complete before it gets too cold.

And trying to find reliable contractors has been a challenge!!!  I cannot believe how businesses run these days, there is absolutely no customer service and no consideration when it comes to returning calls!!

I have also had some extremely difficult days, weeks and months of incredible fibro pain.  In fact, about 2 months ago I was concerned that my bilateral shoulder pain was NOT fibro and quite possibly rotator cuff issues.  My rheumatologist pretty much blew me off when I mentioned it.

As it turns out….it IS rotator cuff!  My right shoulder has a full complete tear, the left has a small tear along with a bicep tear.  I already met with one surgeon, and have an appointment with another.  Sounds like surgery is going to happen in my near future! 😦

I also have not had much of an appetite, and with some of the pain meds I am taking, I’m experiencing a lot of nausea.  When I do get hungry for something, it’s not much and I pretty much have to force myself to eat.  I rarely ever eat processed food but sometimes just opening a can of soup or popping a frozen meal in the microwave is the only way I can get food in me.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, I for one cannot believe how quickly the summer months have flown by! Consider following my Facebook page, I do post there more often with just quick little posts.

Live well my friends!

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