Busy Busy Busy

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since January and still have my winter snow photo up!!! My bad!  I’ll change the photo sometime this evening!

Since that post I moved, and for a 55 year old single girl (okay, grandma)with Fibro, that’s a challenge!!  I also had to move everything out of storage, got rid of the kitties I adopted last July, and then unexpectedly was asked to adopt an adorable little 4 year old bichon-pooodle!

I have been steadily settling in and making changes and updates to my new home.  I have hardly cooked at all!  My diet has been mostly fruit, veggies, cereal and peanut butter!!  Dealt with several fibro flares.  And had a few minor melt-downs….

Spray painted these plastic urns that I found on clearance last year at Joann Fabrics.

Here is one of my Pinterest finds that helped moving my clothes a little easier!

And here are my curtain rods that I hung by myself and it took several weekends to hang 9 rods!  I only have sheers up for now. See that blind on the chair? That’s the blind from HELL!!

Working on getting a patio put in the back yard, I can hardly wait to sit out in the evening my a fire in my new fire pit!  Pictures later!

With all of the unpacking of storage boxes, I found things like my Mom’s high school jacket, a uniform my Dad wore in a band, several OLD camera’s among several other sentimental things!

Unfortunately, my white Christmas tree may be ruined!  The top part of the tree wouldn’t fit back in the box so I put it in a white plastic bag and it is now discolored.  I have not used the tree for a few years because with the fibro, running to storage to drag my tree and all the decorations back to the condo, was a bit much.  I was thinking of spray painting a light mist of white paint on it, but that could be a fire hazard.

I have also planted a few pots of herbs and did my first cutting of all the plants last evening. I have a planter full of mint.  In a separate planter I have sage, chives, rosemary, parsley and basil.

So this weekend I WILL BE COOKING!!!  I’ll also be making dog treats for my special little furball.

Hope you are all well and able to enjoy the nice weather we FINALLY getting!!

Live well friends!!


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