Zuppa Toscana Knock-off

I fell in soup love with this soup at Olive Garden, and of course the warm garlic breadsticks that went along with it.


But, I had to have this soup on a regular basis so I figured out how to make my own.  It’s easy and quick.  I use frozen chopped onions and frozen breakfast potatoes to make prep time moves right along!!!

I also like to make a big pot of the soup and share with anyone else that has the same soup addiction.

First thing I did was to brown 1 pound of spicy hot sausage and one cup of frozen chopped onion or use one large onion that has been chopped.  When that is done, I sprinkled in a heaping tablespoon of flour and left that cook for a minute or two.  This flour step is optional, I just like my milk based soups to have a little more creaminess/thickness to them.


Next, pour in 4 cups of chicken stock and about 3-4 cups of the frozen breakfast potatoes (I used 4 cups but then I love potatoes).  Let this come to a very light simmer and cook gently until the potatoes are tender.

Add in 1 pint of light cream and about 1/4 to 1/2 cup milk, depending on your preferred consistency.  While the soup is heating up again, tear up about 2 handfuls of either spinach or kale.  I have used both, and surprisingly,  I think I like the spinach better.

I could hardly wait for this to finish cooking.  Serve with your favorite bread and enjoy!!



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