Washing Fruit and Veggies with White Vinegar

I’m a little late in posting this for some of the local fruit this season, but since we can still purchase produce from the local farmers markets and if you are buying berries from the grocery store, you will want to give this a try!!

I’ve always washed my produce well, just imagine all the people that are touching that food!!  ICK!  Loving this white vinegar wash!!  What a difference!!

If you haven’t yet tried washing your fruit and veggies with a little white vinegar, you really should!  It works great AND I have noticed that my berries last a little longer.  You don’t need much, and it really depends on the fruit you are washing.

For example; for a box of strawberries, put them in a large bowl so that you can cover them with water and swish them around, add about 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar, swish for a few minutes and then pour off the water.  I like to run some clean water over them and drain again.  I put them in a bowl (covered)and keep them refrigerated. Same thing with blueberries.

You can also fill your kitchen sink with water, add your vinegar and produce and swish.  Just remember, the bigger the bowl of water (or sink) you will need to add more vinegar.  For a sink full of water and produce, I would add about 1/3 cup.

*Remember, when shopping for strawberries no matter the season or farmers market vs grocery store, make sure you look at the green caps, if they are looking dry and starting to curl, the berries are not the freshest and may not last as long.  Also, if you are going to sugar them for an ice cream topping or to pour over cake, try adding a little balsamic vinegar along with the sugar so it all has time to marinate.  It’s the best!!!

Additional note on the vinegar wash:  I’ve done this with blueberries, apples, squash, and peppers.  I don’t do this method on melons, I have used a very mild dish soap and a veggie brush and rinse well.

Live well and enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies!!


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