The Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

When I started cooking, in my youth~even then I loved being in the kitchen cooking, my Mom taught me to make sure nothing was “ever” under cooked…. Especially hard boiled eggs!  I would boil those suckers I know for at least 15-20 minutes!  And I never understood why I had green around the yolks.

I’m not sure how or when I figured out how NOT to have that green on the yolks.  But, nonetheless, here’s what I do:

Place all the eggs in your pot and cover completely with water.  No lid on the pot.  Not too difficult right?


Turn the heat on high and keep an eye on them, as soon as the water becomes a good hard boil reduce the heat back so that the boil is a little more than a simmer but not a hard boil either.  Got it??


Set your timer for 6 minutes.  As soon as the timer says “times up” remove the pan from the heat and put the lid on, set the timer for 6 minutes again.


When the timer says “times up again”, immediately drain the water and put enough cold water to only HALF way cover the eggs and fill the rest of the pot with ice.


When the ice is almost melted (not quite 10 minutes) and the eggs are most definitely cold, drain off all the ice and water.  And here is the fun part….  Ready?  Put the lid back on and give the pan a couple of shakes to crack all of the shells and then peel them immediately.


No more green in my yolks!!!


I place all my eggs in a zip lock bag, I have an instant protein snack whenever I need it!

Live well!



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