Vodka Pasta with a Berries and Cream Cheese Dessert

All I can say is YUM!  I love this dish!  And the dessert??? Heaven!!  I invited a girlfriend over to catch up and share this meal with me.  Here’s what I do;

Toss a little olive oil in a large sauce pan cause you’re going to want to share this meal with someone I promise.  Lightly saute some minced garlic and onion.  You could also substitute garlic and onion powder if you wanted.  Then pour in your favorite tomato sauce, simmer on low until it reduces and thickens slightly.

Go ahead and start to cook your pasta, I like to use penne pasta for this sauce.  To the tomato sauce pour in some light cream.  I can’t use heavy cream as most recipes call for, my tummy doesn’t like heavy.  I also stir in a big spoonful of ricotta cheese and sprinkle in a good parmesan cheese as well, grated works best.   Keep a close eye on the sauce, stirring often, on a low heat.

I then plate the drained pasta, pour a delicious amount of sauce over the pasta and top with parm cheese.  And proceed into the ymminess of this sauce. 

okay, now for the dessert.  In a food processor or blender toss in some raspberries and about a tablespoon of brown sugar. Puree until a luscious purpley sauce.  Wait, dont faint yet, there is more.  Pour the sauce into a separate dish.  Back to the blender add blackberries, ricotta cheese, softened cream cheese and a dash of vanilla, puree *sigh.  Now comes the fun, layer in a champagne glass or some other beautiful stem glass.  Start with the blackberry cheese mixture, then the raspberry sauce, then the blackberry cheese mixture, you get the idea.  Top with a  dollop of whipped cream and a berry. WALA!   Sorry to say that I have no picture of this dessert.  I made the dessert and we both dove into like we were starved!  I may make this later in the week, I still have ricotta and cream cheese left over.  If I do make it again I promise I’ll take pictures.



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