Fruit salad and Sesame Shrimp with Broccoli, Carrots and Brown Rice

Usually on a Sunday afternoon or late evening, you’ll find me in my kitchen cooking a few meals for later in the week.  This week I threw together a fruit salad that is so simple I’m almost ashamed to post it.  But everyone that walked in my office this week and caught a glimpse of it sitting on my desk, well, they drooled. 

All I did was used canned clementine’s, drained.  I’d rather do fresh but the stores don’t have them now.  I also used canned pineapples chunks since my store did not have any fresh pineapple.  Everything else was fresh; blueberries, chunks of apple, and I add raspberries and blackberries just before I’m ready to chow down.  Summer is the best time to make fruit salad, tons of fruit to choose from but winter months, hey, I just make do with what I can.

My Grandmother would put coconut and raisins in her fruit salad.  And just for me she would add maraschino cherries!  Hmmm I think I have some in the fridge that I use for my cocktails, I think I might have to add them!

Then I made a sesame soy sauce to add to a broccoli shrimp and brown rice dish.  I sautéed the shrimp in olive oil, threw steak seasoning over the shrimp, yes you read that correctly, steak seasoning is NOT just for steak, try it on chicken and shrimp, its delish!  While the shrimp were cooking, I started the rice and steamed some shredded carrots and broccoli florets.  Tossed it all together and poured the sesame soy sauce over it all.  I had 2 servings for the week. 

Check back tomorrow, I’ll post my vodka pasta and berries and cream dessert!



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