Fast & Easy Shrimp and Rice Dinner for One

So, I come home from work tonight, totally exhausted…still trying to recoup from the bronchitis I developed before Christmas.  I knew I needed to cook myself something healthy and fulfilling.  Lately, eating has been a challenge.  Not only am I hypoglycemic but I’ve just not felt well lately, and I want to eat healthy. 

I decided to cook up my most favorite brown rice and orzo recipe I created.  I had an open jar of roasted red peppers in the fridge so I chopped up a bunch of those to toss in at the end of the cooking time.  I always keep uncooked shrimp in the freezer so I pulled out a handful of them, thawed them quite easily under warm water while I removed the skin and tails.  Then I remembered I had a jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil in the fridge also, so I pulled that out.  When the shrimp were almost done I tossed in about a tablespoon of finely chopped the sun dried tomatoes.

And here it is:

The entire meal probably took less than 30 minutes.  And it was fantastic!

Happy New Year everyone!

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