How Was Your Thanksgiving?

I spent Thanksgiving Eve with a best friend and her husband for a drink and a bite to eat.  Then I rushed home to make bar-b-que for my son to take to hunting camp.   But the night before I began to prepare for my Thanksgiving dinner. 

Before baking I made my cranberry chutney.  For years I made my grandmothers recipe; just toss the cranberries and an orange in a food grinder and add lots of sugar.  Now I make a chutney that I simmer on the stove, it gels into this deliciousness of sweet and tart cranberry heaven!  I simmer the berries in water and sugar until they pop, then add lemon and orange zest and their juices, simmer a little more and it is done! 

Next my list is the cherry pie.  Why I didn’t put the blasted pie on a baking sheet like I usually do is beyond me.  But I didn’t.  every few minutes I was checking to make sure it didn’t bake over.  And it was doing so well.  Until one peek. It was bubbling on the bottom of my oven.  Damn!  So I cleaned it up the best I could before I popped the pumpkin pie in the oven. 

I used a new pumpkin pie recipe, wishing I would not have.  Not super happy with it.  But it looks good!!!

The turkey was yummie!  I get my hands under the skin on the breast and separate it, rub olive oil all over the breast meat.  Then I make combination of spices and herbs and rub that over the breast meat.  I also dot the breast meat with butter.  Then I rub the skin with olive oil.  I think I need to go make myself a sandwich!

Anyone have any disasters?  I didn’t quite have a disaster, but I did forget the sweet potato casserole!  I didn’t put it in the oven early enough so it wasn’t ready when we sat down to eat.  I completely forgot about it until I started to clean up the kitchen.  Whoops!   I use butter, eggs, spices and vanilla for the potato part and I tried oats, brown sugar and butter for the topping, different from what I usually make the topping, not convinced I like it yet.

And if I wasn’t tired enough, friends and I were out shopping by midnight!  It was lots of fun and very beautiful!

On Black Friday, its tradition in my hometown for Santa to arrive in the morning.  I was shopping at that point so I missed the parade.  It’s also tradition for the Christmas tree lighting.  Complete with old-fashioned carolers and free hot chocolate.

Hope everyone had a very happy and fun Thanksgiving!


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