Stompin’ Grapes!!!!

I LOVE LUCY STYLE!!!   My favorite winery had a fun day of stompin grapes the old-fashioned way!  I love visiting our local wineries!

Everyone took their turn crawling into the big plastic tubs full of grapes that the winery provided.  Adults and kids alike shared stompin fun.

Except me, I’m still really achy from that blasted fall down the up escalator, I didn’t trust myself.  More like, I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further.  But I did find a huge tub of grapes that looked absolutely delicious!

Back in the day, grapes were macerated by hand or foot, which releases the juice for fermentation.  Grapes were dumped into a large stone tank where the workers crushed the fruit on the rough floor.  

It was believed that the warmth from the treaders legs helped to warm the crushed grapes and made the fermentation more successful.

This was also known as a celebration of the completion of a harvest.  And we celebrated!!

Modern vineyards use machinery such as destemmers and grape crushers that shake the grapes loose from the stem and then crush the berries.

The reds result from the mixture of skins, seeds and juice and is fermented with yeast to extract the color, flavors and tannin.  Once fermented to the desired  alcohol level, it is pressed to separate the young wine from the solids and moved to a barrel to age.


An afternoon with great friends, wonderful wine, and a beautiful view (minus all the wind that day), just doesn’t get any better!

Ahhh, red wine, my favorite food in the whole world…


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