A Blocks’ Worth of Potty Breaks

Took Jack for a walk on this spectacular autumn day.  He pee’d for a block.  On everything.  I didn’t think he could hold that much urine in his bladder.  Guess he proved me wrong. 

He pee’d on 10 telephone poles

He pee’d on 8 sign posts.

A couple of concrete walls

He pee’d on 4 hosta plants.  This one was a long shot.  But it helped enhance his manhood.

By now, I’m feeling kinda lonely.  I know, stupid.  But he doesn’t even acknowledge me.   I completely don’t exist to him right now.  All I want is a little of his attention.  I call his name and he totally ignores me.

He walks crooked too, I don’t think he likes the hook of the leash laying on his back, so he walks crooked.  It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him do!  Is there an app for that??

He pee’d on 3 plots of grass.  He poo’d too but I didn’t take a picture of that.  I figured that was something you didn’t want to see, I know I didn’t.  But I’m his personal pooper scooper.  So I have to…

He also pee’d on ivy plants that were smothered in fallen leaves.

He pee’d on an iron fence post.

And he pee’d on 1 barrel flower-pot.

The End

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