Final Destination, Mystic, CT

Time to leave Boston and head on over to my aunt and uncle in Mystic, CT.  I love CT!  Haven’t been there in years and I’m very anxious to see the area again and visit with my family.    

So I’m waiting at the track for my train.  I met this incredibly sweet retired couple from Scotland that was visiting the states.  They too were traveling by train, must be how come I met them at the train station, their destination was Boston, NY and DC.  Their words of wisdom to me were “You Americans take so much for granted.”  And I whole heartedly agreed!

Busy busy Boston train station!

Then a pigeon wandered around.  I think he lost his ticket and was in a panic.

When this train stopped, the conductor jumped out I asked him if it was my train.  His rude response was “NO ma’am, this is NOT Amtrak.”  Well thank you very much buster and you go on and have yourself a super sweet day.

The train ride into CT was beautiful but it was raining steadily!  Saw lots of water and boats anchored out.  I loved anchoring out in lonely little coves when I lived on a boat.

It was pouring by the time I got off the train.  We went to this cute little place to eat, it was called The Mystic Market Place…… I think.  The deli/market shelves were full of products you just can’t buy at the regular grocery store.  I could have packed a suitcase with all sorts of yummy items!

We spent the day catching up and relaxing.  But the rest of the trip was busy!

We started the next day with a stroll down by the docks looking for some fresh fish.

Not this fish!!!

Then we hit the streets of Mystic.  I love the old seaport town!  The homes are beautiful.  The air is crisp and clear.  And there is water.  Sea water.  Sea water immediately relaxes me.  Maybe I should have put some in a bottle and brought it home…

Ran into this little cutie at the coffee shop.

Then we attempted to go to Stonington beach.  Just a small beach but nonetheless, a beach.  The last time I went to this beach it was for a picnic.  The storm that ensued was one of the worst lightning storms I have ever seen.  And now, here I am again, sitting in the car looking at the beach and still not able to enjoy it.  No storms today, but the winds had kicked up and were throwing waves against the rocks so hard that just attempting to get out of the car would have caused me considerable harm….I would have been soaked and possibly blown across the sandy parking area and tossed over the other cliff.  We decided to try the beach another day.

We went to the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Museum.  Wow.  We spent all afternoon learning about the indian tribe, in fact we closed the place but we still needed more time to finish everything.  Here’s a little info about what I learned:

It was rumored that the Pequot indians were not a very nice bunch, in fact, rather mean.  Dutch traders began a prosperous with the tribe in the early 1600’s.   A little later the English made their way to trade with the Pequots as well.  An english man made his way to the New England area and began to kidnap the women and children selling them into slavery.  He was quickly eliminated by the indians.  Englishmen returned looking for the heads of the indians that killed the man.  Eventually the english and the Mohegan indians attacked the Pequots practically wiping out the tribe.  Those that survived were sent into slavery, some to white men and some to other indian tribes.   In the early 1900’s there were about 66 Pequots left.  66.  Awful.   Those of you that are interested in more, google it, lots to learn, a few twists on the story depending on the website you visit but you will still get the history.

So the remaining Pequots did their thing with the federal government, got a huge piece of land, and those that could prove they  were at least 1/16th Pequot were allowed to live there.  They have a huge hotel and casino and the museum of course and this tower with views that were gorgeous.

On the drive back home we passed the eastern Pequots.  They could not prove their 1/16th and now live in poverty~shacks and run down trailers.  Sad.

The following day we hit some wineries.  My love of wine was probably home-grown within my own blood line.  My grandfather made his own wine, it just comes naturally I guess!  

Yummy wines!

We also visited a cider mill.  I have to tell you they make the very best apple cider I have EVER tasted!  We watched their entire process of making the cider. 

Had to have an apple doughnut of course and we took home apple dumplings and cider for dessert. 

We drank fresh cider as we strolled around their adorable little store.

I finally got to Stonington Beach and wiggled my toes in the sand.  Still kinda breezy but I still was in the sand!!

And then it was over.  I was back at the Mystic train station.  Saying my goodbye’s, fighting the tears, shouting I love you both before I disappeared in the train.  *insert hysterical sobbing

I just loved traveling by train to the New England area.  It’s been wonderful vacationing, sight-seeing and learning some of the history of the new England states.  I did however, end my lovely trip with a little dance on the escalator. The day I was returning home,  I did a little tumble back down the up escalator, thanks to the wheel of my suitcase getting caught.   I have the bruises to prove that a quick visit to Penn Station can be damaging to one’s ego.  Seriously though, I was in shock, the last thing I cared about was what people thought.  It was horrific.  I thought I was gonna get sucked into the New York escalator system for lunch, chewed up and spit out.  I thought I would end up making the 5 o’clock news.  I also ended up with sore muscles.  And a damaged camera.

Bruises and ouchies aside, I can’t wait to go back to New England!


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