Running the streets of Boston

The view from my cousins apartment is beautiful.  On most days.  I picked up rain along the way and brought it with me. 

We jumped in our jammies, munched on fruit and cookies and chatted the night away.  We shared dating stories, can’t say anything more on that subject, it was girl talk.  And fun.  Sometime after midnight we called it a night.  And sleep was so good.  Ahh relaxation.  I need to vacation more often.

Late morning I hit the streets on my own.  Exploring Boston should be adventurous right!  Except its one of those miserable light rain/kinda misty rain.  I brought my good camera just in case it clears up but I never used it.  All my pictures of Boston are from my point and shoot.

So, here’s how my day went:

I jumped on the “T” and took it into Government Center.  Brought me out into the Financial district, which I was told, is second behind Wall Street in NY.  I found Quincy Market along with the North and South Markets and Faneuil Hall.

I believe it was Faneuil Hall that has a gold dome, it was painted over in one of the World Wars to that it was not as visible from the sky, to prevent a bomb being dropped.

Grabbed a bit to eat and jumped on the Beantown Trolley tour.  Then I learned that I am NOT as smart as a fifth grader!  *sigh.   I realize I have forgotten most of my elementary education on the history of Boston. 

First let me tell you though, that the driver of the trolley is very knowledgable as well has very loud mouthed to the awful taxi drivers.  He had no problem turning on his outside speakers and giving them a piece of his mind.

So, back to my tour.  My driver Bill pointed things out such as to the left blah blah blah and to the right blah blah blah.  Sometimes it was very difficult to determine WHICH building he was referring to, and it was too fast to get a photograph.  But, I did learn that Jay Leno went to a communication school in Boston, saw the music school that Phil Collins attended (*slight excitement just shot through my body), Judge Judy was one of the first women to be accepted to a law school in Boston, and saw the oldest YM and library in the states.   Driver Bill also pointed out the oldest cemetery in the states, and Samuel Adams is buried there.

Bill pointed out the fire station.  When the old building was remodeled and updated, they wanted to restore and keep the building to its original condition. So, they now have to have all the fire trucks custom built to fit the station.

Here is the street that holds this awesome little pub called the Green Dragon.  It’s where a small boy heard the British talking about their attack, and he promptly told Paul Revere.

The homes and the streets are so beautiful.

Of course I had my new England Clam Chowda!  It was the best I’ve ever had.

I definitely have to go back to Boston, and take with me better weather.  There is so much to see and photograph!  So much history to relearn. So many pubs to try out!  And an awesome cousin to hang out with!!!


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