Train Trip #2

Kathy and I said our good-byes and talked of a future visit.  Oh, and she set me up with food.  Oh my!  I can feel the pounds pack on already.   I can’t event tell you what she packed for me cuz I ate it all! 

So, I boarded the train at Essex Junction for the next leg of my trip, on my way to Boston.  Again, the views from the train are spectacular.  I have to tell you, taking the train is a great way to travel.  A few have commented on the length of time that it takes and how driving would be so much faster.  Yea, but then I’d have to drive, I couldn’t relax and take in the gorgeous scenery.

I can sit and check email, read or nap.

It really is a beautiful way to travel.

Then I get to Springfield, MA and have a 3 hour layover until my next train *sigh.  The station was little and run down.  And dirty.  And stinky.  I didn’t even attempt to find a restroom.  I ate my delicious dessert that Kathy packed for me and downloaded my pictures.  Eventually my train arrived, and by now its raining, so I napped or at least tried to.

There was no conductor to help get my luggage up the train steps so a very nice young man helped me.  There was a couple that sat in front of me.  I wanted to smack them each on the top of the head.  They had to be in their 30 or 40’s but they acted like 13.  They picked on each other, jumped and bounced in their seats so bad I had to take my laptop off the drop down tray.  And there was a screaming baby on board.  She eventually fell asleep. 

Made it safely and happily to my cousins apartment.  Will post my adventures in Boston tomorrow.



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