A Field Trip In My Refrigerator

It is with deep regret that I announce…..”Cleaned out my fridge tonight”.  And it really frightened me.  I did not like what I found.  My love for cooking usually has my fridge full of food, some of it already prepared lovingly with my own hands.  And, some of it not prepared~meaning fresh veggies sitting on a shelf waiting to brought out into the light,waiting to be chopped, diced, seasoned, sautéed, grilled and devoured.

How could this happen I’m wondering.  I love to cook.  And I hate to waste food, it’s throwing good money away.  Delicious fresh fruits and veggies and jellies fill my trash can tonight.  The pooch is just waiting for me to turn my back…he watches me with one eye while pretending to be napping, planning his revenge for not getting his walk in tonight.  I know the routine.  I’m on to him, but that doesn’t mean that I occasionally slip up and forget to take the trash out before I crawl into bed.  The sneaky scoundrel. 

But tonight, oh tonight I found not so pretty things.  Things that didn’t smell good.  And things that were a teeny bit fuzzy. 

Here’s what I found: 

a jar of my favorite salsa, only about a quarter of the salsa was left and I had a tear in my eye as I poured the once delicious salsainess (I love making new words) down the garbage disposal.  It was beginning to grow penicillin for a pharmaceutical company.

a container of refried beans that I had intentions of using for my mouth-watering quesadillas.  Dumped with disgust in the trash.  Okay maybe not with disgust because it really didn’t smell good.  So yea disgust is the correct word.  It wasn’t pretty. 

about 6 strawberries that were shriveled with age, one I am sad to report was growing a beard.

half a green pepper and a whole red pepper was starting to show its age.  Wrinkles were forming, no botox please.  I quickly chopped and diced and sautéed for some recipes in a day or two.

about a tablespoon of goat cheese.  Ugh. The silkiness and smoothness of the cheese gone, dried up because I didn’t have the package closed properly.

I found about 2 cups of chicken broth that was still good so I made my yummy brown rice recipe.  And I will be adding the sautéed peppers.  Good lunch for tomorrow.

Also found a half of a huge white onion.  I chopped a portion of that and added it to a can of tuna.  More lunch for tomorrow.

Then I shockingly found my hardly used jar of ginger jelly.  I had a meltdown.  Really I did.  I puddled on the floor and sobbed for what seemed like hours.  I managed to crawl to the garbage can and toss the jar.  I couldn’t let go of it.  I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight.

Came across an almost empty jar of hoisin sauce.  Couldnt even open that jar.  Tossed. 😦  Could have used that with my peppers.

A small container of OJ.  Smelled okay but the expiration date was a month and a half ago.  Gone.

And lastly, the remaining half of a cucumber and an open bag of baby carrots.  The cuke was gross.  The carrots dried and cracked,  how long have those suckers been in there???

The freezer field trip is next.

I hide my face in shame and embarrassment…..


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