Labor Day Weekend Memories

Yummm!  I have wonderful memories of Labor Day at my parents house.  Nothing fancy, nothing more than just tradition and family and Mom’s cooking.  I have always loved Mom’s hamburg barbque, she made the best.  And no recipe!!!  But I think I figured it out!  From as far back as I can remember she made that barbque, deviled eggs and baked beans.  Dad would still fire up the grill  for chicken or burgers and baked potatoes.   I hate to say this, forgive me Mom, but my deviled eggs are better!  The ingredients are certainly different from what she used. 

Every year she made a huge pot of barbque, there was always a gazillion people, family, that would be spending the day together.  By the pool.  Laying around watching TV.  Kids running around.  Always at my parents.  I remember plenty of weekends where it rained and rained, but it didn’t stop the gathering, or the food.   It was tradition.  So, in honor of my parents I’ll be making her traditional Labor Day weekend menu, minus the beans, never was a baked bean fan!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and can reminisce on holidays past.


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