Not a Spring Chicken!

I had quite the ultimate……. remark made to me this morning.  Alright, maybe it was more of an insult!  After dropping Jack off at the doggie day spa this morning, I ran back home for coffee, breakfast and a quick check of emails.  Thinking I was going to have a rather pleasant day, I drove the car to the dealership for my 3 month/3000 mile oil change.  I am faithful on the oil change.  Always have been, always will. 

I went to this guy once who was very honest , he inquired about the distance I drove, etc and he honestly told me that I could go more with the 3000 miles rather than the 3 month oil change.  Great!   My car was the best, never had problems with it and it was about 10 years old at the time.  So I thought I’ll just not worry if I go to 4 months but still keep up my traditional scheduled oil changes.  Old habits die hard right? 

Then I bought a new car and the dealership suggested 3 month oil change or 3000 miles if that happens first, to keep all the engine parts running in top condition.  I’ve been following that regulary scheduled visit for well over a year.  Except this time around I am about a month late.  My bad.  Been a tad bit busy this summer.  But today, oh my.  Was I in for a shock.

So I arrive a few minutes early, with my book and more coffee, and I settle in.  After about 45 minutes this kid comes out and says to me “M’am ((and I HATE being called that)) you were just here at the end of April, you’re not due for another year.” And he just looks at me.  And I just look at him.  Thinking he is slightly confused from all the car fumes he inhaled this morning I very politely tell him that I am not here for an INSPECTION but rather a regular oil change.  He agains calls me “M’am” and I want to sling my coffee in he cute little young face, he proceeds to explain to me that he is just trying to be nice and save me some money but really I don’t need the oil change.  It may be 4 months since my last oil change but I still have a good bit to go to hit the 3000 miles. ” Hmm” I say, “I’ve been doing the 3 month oil change since I bought the car here, even get a coupon for the next visit in 3 months, why was I told to do the 3 month when its not really needed?”  he again explains I can do the oil change but I don’t need it.   My old habit kicked in and I told him to do the oil change, especially since I have already been here for an HOUR!!!! 

One chapter in my book later I am called to get my car.  I pay my bill ask for my keys and the clerk says that the car was just brought out and the tech has the keys.  Soooo I head outside for my insult.  I mean car.  Poor kid.  He kept digging himself deeper in the mud pit that I wanted to push him into.  He hands me my keys and again explains that I really don’t need to change my oil that often.  He says that, and I quote, “Not that I am comparing you to a senior citizen BUT older folks just don’t drive around that much and in that case you don’t need your oil changed but once a year.”  I just looked at him, smiled, grabbed my keys from his punk little hand and got in my car.  I watched him as he walked away, he actually turned around to watch me get into my car.  I wonder if his employer knows that he was doing his best to insult me AND avoid the 3 month oil change that they recommend?

Okay, now you’re probably wondering just how bad did I look today right?  Well I was definitely not at my best at this point in the early morning but I did take a shower, put on a little make-up, I had my hair in a ponytail and had one of my yoga shirts on which shows a little cleavage.  I also carried a stylish coffee mug (my coffee deserves to be trendy too), a very stylish purse and a cell phone that the elderly wouldn’t even attempt to figure out.  I don’t get it.


One thought on “Not a Spring Chicken!

  1. Hmmmmmmmm……interesting little morning ya had ther my dear. Well, if I may,, he indeed was right about you not necessarily needing the oil change, though he should have respected your wish if that’s what you wanted. Customer always knows best right?

    As far as a little cleavage….well now, I have always admired just about any amount of cleavage that catches my eye, and indeed you are a VERY trendy young lady who I never found to be anything less then,”at your best”.

    Long story short, guess maybe next time ask a “real” OLD car guy his opinion on the service of said little pearly car!
    Oh yeah, and again, I’m always fond of a little cleavage and would NEVER call you M’am!!

    Just sayin”… 😉

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