Meeting New People

My Aunt once told me that I could meet a total stranger, strike up a conversation and have a new friend in a matter of minutes.  She’s probably right, I have been blessed with a ton of friends.  Since 2003 I have moved to two different cities and then back home and I can honestly tell you I have a trail of friendships along the way.  It’s so easy for me to just start talking and become friends.

Tonight at the gym was no different.  Tonight I met this woman and we chatted our time away on the treadmill.  What an inspiration she is.  We were comparing our diet plans, workout routines and then got to our health and weight gain.  That’s when she really captured my attention and I realized I wasn’t talking to someone who just happened to be beside me.  Anyone of us could have been dealt the hand she was dealt but not many of us could endure what she has.  She patiently listened to my story of divorce and losing my parents so close together, then having to go through their home of almost 50 years and clean it out.  It was a difficult time for me but she had it much much worse. 

She battled stage 4 uterine cancer.  And won.  Then joined the gym and lost 50 pounds to boot!!  How awesome is that!  She has a husband and small kids, and is cancer free and taking better care of herself.  Stage 4 cancer.  Beat it.  I cannot imagine, and I hope I never do but what an inspiration!!! 

We all have our stories, every one of us.  And each story has some sort of a battle, whether it be cancer, divorce, or death.  Each one of us hurts, and heals, and eventually inspires another lost soul.  I also believe we all cross paths for a reason.  Whether it be a moment to chat or a blossoming friendship but all for a reason, a lesson learned perhaps.  So, go out and meet someone new.  Inspire, or be inspired.

Love to all!

2 thoughts on “Meeting New People

  1. I do not have the ability to start friendships with strangers, too shy! Jealous of people who can do that!

    Definitely agree that we all have stories that shape us and through it all can inspire us.

    Great story!

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