Gibson Goes To The Vet

Gibson is my 20 pound cat.  Gibson being 7 pounds bigger than my bichon-poodle, Jack.  And Gibson has the life we all dream of, lazy, fat and sassy, and rules the house.  Seriously, he rules. He will walk up to Jack for no reason and smack him.  Gibson will make Jack move away from the water bowl just so HE can get his drink.   He starts meowing as soon as he hears my alarm during the work week.  However, he also has his own internal alarm which matches the time on my alarm clock, so on the weekends when I want to be lazy, fat and sassy and sleep in, he starts his meow fest.  After ignoring him for a short time only, he begins to pounce on me.  Maybe pounce is not the right word.  I think “ambush” out of the ceiling is more accurate.  I swear he just attacks from the ceiling above. 

This morning was no different.  Although, as I made my way to the kitchen to feed him and make my coffee, I was plotting my revenge.  He had a vet appointment today.  *insert evil chuckle

By now you can probably figure out I have a love/hate relationship with this cat.  He is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful pet, really, I do love him.  But he sheds to the point where I think a new kitten could appear from all the cat hair.  Brushing doesn’t help, I think it makes it worse!  Which is the part I hate.  I finally was able to break him of the habit of sleeping with me.  I felt and still do feel guilty by not letting him snuggle in bed with Jack and me but the fur on the bed was disgusting!!!!

So, today, the vet appointment went something like this:

1.  Gibson gets wrapped in a towel for the ride to the vet.  Wrapped in a towel typically keeps him calm.  I cannot put him in a crate, he totally freaks out and pee’s all over the place.  Just not worth the fight nor the urine.

2.  As we wait for the elevator in my building, he begins the very low growl.  Great, I think, its starting already. 

3.  I get him to the car, put him on the passenger seat and pray for a peaceful ride to the vet which is only about 8 minutes away.

4.  He starts the meow fest, then attempts to sneak over on my lap.  So I kept my hand on him to reassure him.  He absolutely melted my heart when he laid his little chin on my hand.  Poor guy.

5.  We arrive at the vet, I get him out of the car with no problem or events, get him into the vet and in the exam room.  Wonderful I’m thinking, so far so good. 

6.  The vet literally flew into the room which made both Gibson and I jump out of our skin!  She begins the exam.  Then I see the rectal thermometer.  UH-OH.  I’m thinking I need to get the towel and wrap him up but she had that thing plunged in him before I could react!!!  Gibs never saw it coming!!!  He flipped his tail a few times and the invading experience was done.

7.  Whew!

8.  Then comes the needle.  The vet is quick.  She says she needs to give the shot in the hip.  Great.  No towel wrap again.  He didn’t see that coming either and it was over before I knew it.

9.  Huge sigh of relief.

10.  We discuss the lion cut he will be getting and the blood work up that is needed.  And thru the entire conversation Gibson laid quietly on the exam table.  Little did I know HE was now plotting his revenge against me….. *insert evil meow

11.  I pay the bill and get the estimate for the cut.  $164, to buzz a freakin cat!!!  Are you kidding me! 

12.  I’ll buy the damn trimmers, pin him to the floor and buzz him myself thank you very much.

13.  I get him to the car.  And this is where his revenge begins.  The minute, no, that would be the second I placed him on the passenger seat and removed my hand he bolts right out of the car!!!!

14.  Lucky for me he’s fat because when I reached out for him, I grabbed a handful of that fat and he didn’t get far!  He was just under the car door so it was a stretch but I managed to drag him back my way.  I wrapped him again, snuggly, and shut the door.

15.  Cat fur all over my car now. Damn.

16.  Cat fur in my eyes.  Double damn.

17.  Meow fest begins.

18.  Gibson wiggles out of the towel and sits on my lap the rest of the way home.  Fine, whatever.

19.  I pull into my parking lot, grab the cat and sit him on the passenger seat again. 

20.  The minute, I mean second, the door opens he bolts.  Wasn’t expecting that again.

21.  I’m thinking how wonderful is this.  I just spend the morning and 60 buck at the vet for a cat that just ran away and is gonna get hit by a car.  Lucky for me he ran straight for the door to our building. 

22.  But by then I was in a panic and just ran after him.  I scoop him up and go back for that damn towel.  Start to wrap him up and the fight begins.

23.  The fat cat bolted again.  I am seriously PO’d now……

24.  Once again I grabbed a handful of fat and drug him back to me again, but he put up a good fight.  I managed to get him wrapped snuggly, tucked the 20 pounds of angry cat under my arm like a football, grabbed my bag and locked the car.  I can feel his tail slapping my ass.  I wanted to slap his too.

25.  The bastard has been napping all day.


One thought on “Gibson Goes To The Vet

  1. Hmmm….thermometers up the ass…fat grabbing….and ass spankin’.What more could a gal want on a hot steamy Saturday morning!? Ya know,I coulda helped ya with that. The cat thing, not all that thermometer, ass grabbin,and other nasty stuff…

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