Blogging, Blogged, Blogger (not to be confused with booger), Bloggest (?)

I’m not really new to blogging.  I blogged (I love that word) on Live Journal many moons ago with some aspiring writers.  And published authors.   I blogged 🙂 all the time on Myspace.  I wanted to get a blog page set up with the ability to use different pages to categorize my randomness, my pictures, my recipes, so a friend suggested Word Press, and here I am.  I wanted to promote my recipes for a very hopeful cookbook some day, I wanted to practice my writing for the picture books I want to write.  My friend says Word Press is popular and can help.

Now I’m wondering, what could I possibly blog about that would be of any interest to anyone??  My friends on Live Journal and Myspace were just that, my friends.  So they always commented.  I had followers.  Friend followers.  I read some other blogs and think that no one will be interested in what I have to say.  Or think.  Or cook.  Or write.  Or will you?  I’m thinkin maybe someone will read my babbling randomness (I love that word too). 

I’m off to make brownies.  not for me.  For someone else.  Not sure who yet.  I’m going to make oatmeal for me, my evening meal…yea oatmeal.  But I’ll let you in on a little teeny secret, I’m gonna lick the brownie spoon too!


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