She Survives

She did it.  She barely escaped with her life.   He threatened to take that from her too.  That’s all she had left of herself.  Just her life.  Her breath.  Her heartbeat.  Her smile.  He didn’t want anyone else to share in those things.  If he couldn’t have her, no one would.  He almost took her life.  A guardian angel was with her that dreadful night.  She knew it.  She felt it.  She wasn’t alone.  Maybe the family member that was taken from her?  She had to have had help.  Someone was watching over her.  She wasn’t that strong.  He was crazed.  She was scared.  But she lived.  However you want to look at it, she survived.  She starts over.  She’s a survivor.   She begins another long journey.  A new journey.  A better journey.  On her own.  With her small kids.  She works.  She raises the kids.  She has a home.  She makes it a home.  She is finally happy.  She does not miss him.  She’s glad to be away from him.  It’s not always easy being on her own.  But she can.  And she does.  He still creates trouble.  He plays games.  But he can no longer play her.  She’s strong now.  She falls in love again.  She marries.  Many years pass.  People change.  Family grows.  New friends.  And the tragedy strikes again.  Another family member taken away.  She collapses to the floor in shock.  Her son consoles her.  Picks her up.  Holds her.   She cries.  She is thankful for her grown son.  He is strong.  He is good.  He provides comfort.  He continues to hold her.   He tells her it will be okay.  They gather again. They cry again.  Pray again.  Hug again.  And they bury again.  Another loved one gone tragically.   Suicide.   Another loved one gone to sucide.  All deaths are tragic.  All deaths contain pain.   She wants to know why this happened.  Why.  She wants to see where.   She wants to know how.   She doesn’t understand.  No one understands.   Horrific details of death choke her.  Chokes her family.   They can’t breathe.  They hurt.   Hate brews.  Sadness and grief shoot through them. They are empty.  Empty shells.  All of them.  Family and friends surround.  And love eventually takes control.  Love consumes.  They still hurt.  But they survive.  They have too.   She survives.  She is fragile but strong.  She survived before.  She will again.

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