Weekend Love

I absolutely LOVE the weekend. I am IN LOVE with weekends!!!  I can stay up late, sleep late, take naps, totally throw off my sleep/wake pattern.  I can drink coffee in my home instead of my office, I can google without the worry of getting caught at work *giggling*, I can stay in and watch movies or I can run to any store I love *look out Target and TJ Maxx*.  I will pull out all my writing projects and pick which one speaks to me at that moment and tweek it a little more, I can finish the art project I started.  Oh and my fav is getting a massage.  I will promise  myself to do more yoga and meditation but then I will find my nose deep in a book that I can’t put down.  Then there are the “must do” things like laundry, bills and cleaning.  But, most importantly, I just get to be home and be me!  Yep I LOVE my weekends.  They just don’t last long enough!!

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